Bjorn's Analyzer

Analyze and visualize Google Sheets data with the Google AutoML Natural Language service.

- a Google Sheets extension -

Sorry, this app has been decommissioned.


Google AutoML Natural Language is a natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to find insights and relationships in text.

This add-on enables you to seamlessly use Google AutoML to detect the sentiment of text stored in spreadsheet cells.

Visualize the content with syntax graphs, syntax diagrams and syntax clouds.

The results can be sent back to the spreadsheet, saved as CSV or JSON to local hard drive, uploaded as a new Google Sheets and more.

Check out this short YouTube video.

Other platforms

Check out this other version for another platform.

Bjorn's Analyzer - a Google Docs extension


This add-on is in the TIER-2, a TIER-2 subscription costs $14.95 per month.

You can try the add-on for 7 days for free.

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Note - if you have installed the add-on and the add-on submenu only contains the 'Help' option - PLEASE RELOAD THE DOCUMENT - and the other options will appear.

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