Bjorn's Chrome Extension

Send stuff from Chrome to your Gdrive

- a Chrome extension -

This Chrome extension adds one popup menu and some context menu items to all web pages in Chrome.

This you can do with this add-on:

  • access accent characters for assorted languages
  • access often used text snippets
  • add selected text yor your snippet library
  • save selected text to your Gdrive
  • save selected images to your Gdrive
  • create QR-code images for selected text
  • create Word Cloud images for selected text
  • annotate and save selected image, e.g. add a callout
  • pixelate parts of and save selected image

Companion web app

The extension has a companion web app Bjorn's Chrome Menu. This app opens when you want to send text or images to your Gdrive or when oyu want to send youself an email. For this to work the app will prompt you to grant Bjorn's Playground access to your Gdrive via a Google sign-in.

Check out this short YouTube video.

Check out screenshots and install from the Google web store.


This extension is in the TIER-1, a TIER-1 subscription costs $8.95 per month.

You can try the extension for 7 days for free.

Note that a TIER-1 subscription covers all TIER-1 products.

There is a 5-user subscription with a great discount, $29.95 per month.

Use Bjorn's Account Manager to buy/manage your subscription.

Use your PayPal account to cancel your subscription.


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