Bjorn's Chutes & Ladders

Create and publish perpetuum mobile 3D scenes

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Design perpetuum mobiles.

Design 3D scenes of chutes and ladders as perpetuum mobiles. Publish your designs and start to collect Likes. Experiment with different physics properties like ball mass, gravity and obstacle friction and restitution (bounciness). Publish your games and start to collect Likes.

Building blocks

Use various scene elements, such as...

  • Ball. A scene can have any number of balls dropping from any height. You can define the gravitational force and the bounciness.
  • Chute. When a ball lands on a chute it slides down.
  • Staircase. A collection of aligned steps as mini-chutes. Steps can be aligned in straight lines or curves bending left or right.
  • Ladder. Have magic magnetic properties - see magic below.
  • Image billboard. Use images to add an extra personal touch to your design.
  • Text billboard. Add text messages to your scenes.
  • Box and Sphere. Acts as obstacles that balls bounce off and change course. You can specify the bounciness of each obstacle.

The magic of ladders

As soon as a ball hits the ground, the nearest ladder acts like a strong magnet, drawing the ball to and up it and then launching the ball into the air. You can of course fully control the launch force and direction. Ladders can also float in the air in which they are standing on a landing pad. When a ball hits a landing pad it's caught by the magnetic field of the ladder and is transported up and launched into the air.

(more videos on YouTube)

A few samples

Go here for more samples.


Check out this short YouTube video.

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