The playground

Bjorn's DITA-studio

Advanced online structured DITA authoring


Bjorn's DITA-studio is an online approach to DITA authoring.

Schema Driven

DITA-studio is driven by the DITA official schema, meaning that it will try very hard to force you to create valid documents.

Two modes

One of the first things you need to learn is the two modes the editor operates in. When you open a document, it will be in STRUCTURE MODE. In this mode you can select elements but not parts of elements. You can invoke commands on the selected element(s), for example you can quickly move a whole paragraph to the bottom of the document. When you double-click a text contaniner such as a p (paragraph), the editor enters TEXT MODE. In this mode you can manipulate the text, adding or deleting text with the keyboard. The ENTER key will exit TEXT MODE and you will return to STRUCTURE MODE.

Check out this short YouTube video.

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