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Quickly design and publish interactive drag'n'drop games and quizzes

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Quickly design and publish fun interactive educational drag'n'drop games or quizzes. Final games are published to a Google Firebase database and are accessed with the Bjorn's DragDrop web app.

A drag'n'drop game (or game for short) consists of

  • sections
  • items
  • targets
  • styles
  • pools (optional)


A section (or level) is like a web page. The section has a number of items that need to be dragged and dropped on the correct target.

A sample section could be each letter in the alphabet as items and "Vowels" and "Consonants" as targets. The tasks are to drag each vowel to the "Vowels" target and each consonants to the "Consonants".

You can proceed to the next section (level) when you have successfully dragged each item to the correct target.

You can specify when to validiate a section, "on drop", "on next section", "on submit" or "never".

You can force players to sign in via Google to be able to play.

You can enable "submission emails" to be sent as soon as somebody plays a game and submits the result.


An item is a piece of text or an image that has at least one corresponding correct target. You can use more than one target for items that have more than one correct answer.

At start, all items are in the "source sink".


A target has a number of correct items, you drag items from the source sink to the correct target.


Everyting can be visually customized with styles. You can change font size, colors, backgrounds, paddings etc.


Pools are a more advanced but very useful feature. A pool is a like a library of items that can be reused in sections.

You can setup a section to show items form a pool, you decide how many items to pick at play time. The targets defined in the pool are copied to the section when the game is opened.

As a simple sample, consider a pool of all letters in the alphabet, A-Z, and two targets "Vowel" and "Consonant". You can then make a three level game by adding three sections using the above pool, and choose 5 as the item count. At game time, the player will see three levels, each level will show him or her five letters and the task is to drag each letter to the corresponding letter type.

Image items

Here is a small sample using draggable images instead of text.

Using styles you can quickly experiment with different looks. There are tons of ways to customize things.

Drop validations

You can use these valdiation rules:

  • Never - no feedback to player until result submitted
  • On Drop - player notified that a drop is incorrect
  • On Next - player notified what is incorrect when trying to go to next section (level)
  • On Submit - player notified what is incorrect when trying to go to submit

Import data

You can quickly create new games by importing specially configured spreadsheets, as this one using images and this one with just text and here is one using pools..


Check out this short YouTube video.

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