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Bjorn's Graphics Studio

Vector-based drawing app for the rest of us

A new cloud and browser-based approach to a drawing program for the (professional) writer.

Designed to make it easy to annotate pictures and website screenshots.

Fully integrates with your Google Drive, keeping all your drawings safe and secure and accessible from anywhere. Save and open drawings from your drive on any device.

The web site screenshot (snapshot) feature allows you to quickly take a picture of your website and start adding annotations.

Provides a rich set of intelligent callout and arrow shapes to support the drawings of professional writers.

Fully designed using HTML5 and the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) standard.

Easily blur or grayscale an image and highlight smaller parts with the "reverse effect" feature.

Palettes allows you to create your own set of shapes you often use and with a click of a button you can copy these shapes into new drawings.

Layers allows you to create advanced and complicated drawings.

Check out this short YouTube video.

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