Bjorn's Folder Trees

Visualize your Gdrive

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Visualize your Google Gdrive folder structures with this new web app.

App generates a top down chart of all subfolders and their subfolders of the selected root folder. Each chart node contains folder description, file count and list of users the folder has been shared with.

Tons of customizations like background colors, font sizes, connector widths, shadows.

Save charts as a bitmaps or animated GIFs.

Easy access from within the standard Gdrive UI with the "Bjorn's Folder Trees" G Suite add-on.


Check out this short YouTube video.

Check out screenshots and install from the web store.

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Safari issues

This app is using a feature (create images from HTML markup) that is NOT AVAILABLE in the Safari browser. With that said, you can launch the app in Safari but you can't use this critical feature. Sorry...


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