Bjorn's GIF Studio

Create amazing animated GIFs

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Design and generate GIFs online - integrated with Google Drive™.

Some of the features:

  • Quickly generate standard GIF animations online
  • Publish to your Google Drive with a simple button click
  • Open and save your GIF Studio projects files from/to your Google Drive
  • Record quick "selfie" movies with webcam and annotate all or some frames
  • Use masterframes to add background content to all frames
  • Use masterframe overlays to add foreground content to all frames
  • Add scalable SVG content from various shape libraries
  • See outline of previous frame feature to simplify alignment and movement between frames
  • Store often used animation elements in your personal "palette" - stored in your Google Drive
  • Installable as a Chrome app - works without network, i.e works fine offline.


Check out this short YouTube video.

Check out screenshots and install from the web store.

Launch the app.

Sig Pic Support

Use this app to design a sig pic. A sig pic (short for signature picture) is an image you can quickly insert into the Gmail new message window using the add-on Bjorn's Sig Pics.


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