Bjorn's GIF-text-ART-studio

Design amazing (animated GIF) text art (headlines)

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Design cool (animated) text art. Integrated with Google Drive™.

Choose from and customize many text effects such as

  • Water effect
  • Inner shadow
  • Drop shadow
  • Glow
  • N-th letter effect
  • Curved text (circular, arcs, sinus)
  • Patterns
  • Gradients
  • Animated letter spacing
  • Animated gradients
  • Animated patterns
  • Sliding text
  • Typing effect
  • Text waves

There is no dedicated video for this app (yet) but please check out the YouTube for the Google Slides extension version.

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Other platforms

Check out these other versions for other platforms.

Bjorn's GIF-text-ART-studio - a Google Slides extension

Bjorn's GIF-text-ART-studio - a Google Docs extension

Sig Pic Support

Use this app to design a sig pic. A sig pic (short for signature picture) is an image you can quickly insert into the Gmail new message window using the add-on Bjorn's Sig Pics.


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