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Bjorn's HELP-viewer is a modern online progressive "single page" mobile friendly viewer of help systems.

The most convenient way to an author HELP-viewer enabled help systems is using the Bjorn's HELP-maker add-on for Google Docs. However, the format is based on standard JSON, HTML and CSS and can easily be created using a simple text editor. All the content of a help system is stored as a public folder in your Google Drive.

Really powerful search

Since the content resides in a Google Drive folder, the search feature is powered by Google.


The desktop version is using a two column layout with a main content area and a number of sidebars:

  • TOC
  • Search
  • Sidenotes
  • Index
  • Reader comments

The viewer is by default using the LEXEND font for maximum readbility. The viewer offers UI to quickly scale the font size up and down as well as UI to quickly pick from the seven Lexend fonts (Deca, Exa, Tera etc).

Reader interaction

Readers can both rate and comment on each topic in the help system. Comments and either be public to all readers or private only for the eyes of the original author.

As the original author you will receive an email as soon a new comment or rating is submitted.

Reader insight

As a help system author, the HELP-viewer can give you insight into things like:

  • Search phrases NOT finding any topics
  • Recently used search phrases
  • Popular topics
  • Popular search phrases

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