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What do you get when you cross Sudoku with Kakuro? Hexakuro!

Design your own Hexakuro puzzles with this app.

Publish your games to the cloud and share them with friends and community.

Hexakuro™ is a hexagonal implementation of the number puzzle Kakuro (or Cross Sums).  The object of the puzzle is to fill in each blank hexagon with a digit from 1 to 9 so that no digit is repeated in a continuous line of vertical or diagonal white hexagons.  In addition, the digits in the line of hexagons must add up to the clue which is shown in a triangle at one end of the line.  Unlike in Kakuro, where there is a clue for each row and column (on a rectangular grid), in Hexakuro many clues may be missing.  In some cases, a hexagon may have no associated clue at all and the solution relies on your Sudoku skills based on having no number repeat in the contiguous vertical and diagonal hexagons.  A well designed puzzle should have only a single solution.


Check out this short YouTube video.

Go here to checkout some sample screenshots.

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File system integration

The app is (when installed) integrated with the host file system, i.e. you can use the 'Open with' feature to launch the app for a selected file.

Extensions that can be opened are:

  • .hexakurodt
  • .hexakurot

Note that you have to install the app to enable file system integration.

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