Bjorn's Image Generator

Quickly generate batches of AI images

- a web app -

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Use base prompts and lists to quickly generate batches of AI images.

Base prompts and lists

You use lists to create multiple prompts from a base prompt. E.g. the prompt "A woman with [[Color]] hair" will generate one prompt (and image) for each item in the list Color. So if the list contains "brown", "red" and "blond" the final prompts will be:

  • A woman with brown hair
  • A woman with red hair
  • A woman with blond hair

Predefined lists

The app comes with a few predefined lists and you can easily customize them:

  • Color - some base colors
  • EyeColor
  • HairColor
  • Person

What lists would you like to be included? Drop me a line at

Custom lists

You can create your own custom lists which are stored in the persistent storage available in the browser.

Named vs anonymous lists

You can use anonymous lists by just enumerating the items, like is this base prompt: "A man with [[brown, red, gray]] mustache".

Exporting images

With a few mouse clickc you can quickly export the generated images to:

  • Local file system folder
  • Google Drive
  • Google Photos


Check out this short YouTube video.

Launch the app.


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