Bjorn's Label Studio

Design and print labels and badges

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Fully integrated with Google Drive™ - load data from Google Sheets™, save and open design documents from your Gdrive, upload generated QR codes to Google Photos™.


Quickly design and print labels and badges from data in spreadsheets and other sources.

NEWS! - new handy?? context menus

Oct 14 2023. New context menus available in the rotate and resize handles of selected shapes.

(short YT video)

NEWS! - quick print labels for temp data

Sep 3 2023. App has a new feature to print labels for a temp row of data. Assume you have created a great label design and you just want to re-use it from time to time to print a sheet of labels for some new data, then this is a feature for you. Open your great design and use the "Print a temp row..." option in the main toolbar. This option will open a UX in which you can quickly enter data for all data columns used in the design and then print using the current design.

NEWS! - 'print selected row' feature'

Sep 2023 - App has a new nifty feature (requested by customers) that allows you to generate multiple copies of the same label for a selected row of data.

You find the feature in the Data dropdown and in the on-hover menu to the left of a row in the Data tab.

(check out short YT video)

NEWS! - templates

June 2023 - you can now use template files to save or load commonly used designs.

A template specifies the selected sheet definition and the label design but no data.

You an apply a template when you create a new project or later.

You can save any project as a template for future use.

Applying a template on a project replaces the selected sheet definition as well as the current label design.

Note: you will have to re-assign columns to items in the design if the columns used in the template don't match the columns used in the current design.

You assign columns using the 'Assign column...' in the right mouse button menu, aka. the context menu.

This short video shows how to apply a template as well as how to create a new one.

Templates are stored on your local hard drive with the .labeltemplate extension.

(check out short YT video)

NEWS! - formatting columns

May 2019 - you can now use formatting columns to custom format some barcode labels.

A column named 'Color' sets the color for each field in a label.

A column named '[datacolumn] Color' sets the color for the field [datacolumn], e.g. if you have a data column 'FirstName', use a column with header 'FirstName Color' to set the color.

You can use CSS color names or CSS #RRRGGBB color values - read more here:

In addition to Color you can use FontSize columns to set label specific font sizes.

See a sample Google Sheet using formatting columns here


Check out this short YouTube video.

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File system integration

The app is (when installed) integrated with the host file system, i.e. you can use the 'Open with' feature to launch the app for a selected file.

Extensions that can be opened are:

  • .csv
  • .labels
  • .labeltemplate
  • .tsv
  • .txt

Note that you have to install the app to enable file system integration.

Other platforms

Check out these other versions for other platforms.

Bjorn's Label Studio - a Google Sheets extension

Bjorn's Label Studio - an Excel add-in

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