Bjorn's LOVE-U-GIFs

Have fun with animated I Love You GIFs

- an Outlook add-in -

Known MS Office issues

If the MS Office add-in doesn't load properly, close the add-in and try again.

If the dropdown at the top of the add-in sidebar is empty, select the 'Home' option.

Sometime the add-in runtime (code by MS) does not load completly and you get an error dialog, close the add-in sidebar and try again.


App inspired by a GIF sent by my oldest daughter.

Quickly design and send your own custom "I Love You" "pumping heart" GIFs.

Tons of customizations, e.g:

  • End scale
  • Animate stroke width
  • Animate background color
  • Animate heart color
  • Typing effect
  • Dropshadow effect
  • Shadow effect
  • and a lot more...



Check out this short YouTube video.

Other platforms

Check out these other versions for other platforms.

Bjorn's LOVE-U-GIFs - a web app

Bjorn's LOVE-U-GIFs - an Android app


Prelease. This app has not yet been released. If you want to participate in the beta test, please shoot me an email at


This Outlook add-in can be used FREE of charge.

Internet Explorer issues

This app is using modern features in Javascript that is not supported by the old Internet Explorer browser - the add-in won't work in older versions of MS Office using Internet Explorer. Sorry...


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