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Quickly design and publish classic memory games

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Quickly design and publish fun "memory games" as the one show below. The games are published to a Google Firebase database and are accessed players with the Bjorn's Memory Games web app.

Game structure

A memory game (or game for short) consists of

  • sections (aka levels)
  • pairs
  • styles
  • pools (optional)


A section (aka level) is like a web page. The section has a number of pairs that need to be matched.

You can proceed to the next section (level) when you have successfully found each pair.

You can force players to sign in via Google to be able to play.

You can enable "submission emails" to be sent as soon as somebody plays a game and submits the result.


Pairs are either textual or image based.

At start, all items are face down

A textual game is shown below.


Pools are a more advanced but very useful feature. A pool is a like a library of pairs that can be reused in sections.

You can setup a section to show pairs form a pool, you decide how many pairs to pick at play time.


You have full control of the look and feel by editing four different styles.

You can keep three versions of each style type to allow for quick experiments.

  • Pair styles, control how each pair faceup card looks like
  • Facedown styles, control how each pair facedown card looks like
  • Section styles, control how each pair section page like
  • Document (aka game) styles, control how the game itself looks like

Here is the image demo from above with a different look and feel.

Import data

You can quickly create new games by importing specially configured spreadsheets, as this one using images and this one using just text and here is one using pools..


Check out this short YouTube video.

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