Bjorn's NAV-thumbs

Spice up your slide decks with navigation thumbnail buttons

- a Google Slides extension -

Sorry, this app has been decommissioned.


The add-on takes a snapshot image of each slide and uses these snapshot images for navigation buttons on each slide, e.g. the snapshot of the slide next in the sequence is used for the 'goto next slide' button.

You can add four navigation thumbnails, first slide, next slide, previous slide and last slide.

The add-on will only add appropriate buttons, e.g. no first slide button on the first slide etc.

You have full control of which buttons should be added, you might decide to just use 'next slide' buttons.

Option to remove all generated buttons with one click.

Each button can be configured separately:

  • Size
  • Position
  • Border: color, corner radius and width
  • Shadow (on/off/size)
  • Effects: grayscale and transparency

Check out this short YouTube video.


This Google Slides add-on can be used FREE of charge.


Note - if you have installed the add-on and the add-on submenu only contains the 'Help' option - PLEASE RELOAD THE DOCUMENT - and the other options will appear.

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