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Really really really quickly turn text into slideshows

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Turn text into slideshows, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY FAST

Supporting the use case you quickly need to present a few ideas and do not want to fire up PowerPoint or Google Slides. A "Notepad" for presentations. A Google Keep for presentations.

Based on "markdown" for simple and quick formatting (including tables) for the more advanced user.

Use predefined slide and text styles or quickly create your own styles, including gradient and pattern backgrounds.

Quickly make presentation more interesting by using random styles and transitions from your "fav list".

My fav styles

You can quickly define and experiment with new slide styles and you can even use the special style 'random fav' which when used will randomly pick a fav style for each slide in the presentation.

Transition effects

  • Random - picks from this list randomly
  • Random push - randmomly picks a push effect
  • Random slide - randmomly picks a slide effect
  • Random from 'my effects' - randmomly picks from your custom list
  • Fade
  • Melt
  • Slide left
  • Slide right
  • Slide up
  • Slide down
  • Push left
  • Push right
  • Push up
  • Push down
  • Shutters in
  • Shutters out
  • Spiral in
  • Spiral out
  • Star in
  • Star out
  • Ellipse in
  • Ellipse out
  • Inset in
  • Inset out

The Melt Transition

Here is a video of the melt effect used in the companion app Bjorn's Photo Slides.

(more videos on YouTube)


The 'My Effects' Picker UX

Here is a video of using 'my effects' in the companion app Bjorn's Photo Slides.

(more videos on YouTube)


Check out this short YouTube video.

Go here to checkout some sample screenshots.

Check out screenshots and install from the Microsoft web store.

Launch the app.

File system integration

The app is (when installed) integrated with the host file system, i.e. you can use the 'Open with' feature to launch the app for a selected file.

Extensions that can be opened are:

  • .md
  • .quikslides
  • .quikslidest
  • .txt

Note that you have to install the app to enable file system integration.

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