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Quickly create quizzes for your Google Docs content

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Sorry, this app has been decommissioned.


An add-on for Google Docs for creating and publishing online quizzes for your content.

Big picture

Google Docs is not only an excellent authoring solution, with it's sharing features it's also a great publishing solution.

This is a solution for creating and publishing quizzes (e.g. reading comprehension tests) for Google Docs.

The quizzes are shown embedded with the content as add-on sidebars. You share the document with the people that should take the quiz/test.

There are two authoring solutions, a Docs add-on (a sidebar in Docs) with limited real estate for its UI, and a web app that can use your full screen - it's up to you a quiz designer to choose what is best for you.

Quiz takers use another add-on that shows the quiz next to the Docs in a sidebar.

The parts

Bjorn's Quiz Builder Studio - a web app for designing quizzes, has access to full screen.

Bjorn's Quiz Builder add-on - a Docs add-on for designing quizzes, lives as a sidebar in Google Docs.

Bjorn's Quiz Taker - a Docs add-on for people taking quizzes.

Bjorn's Quiz Manager - a web app to manage all your live quizzes.

Potential steps

  1. You write something about an important subject.
  2. You share the document with people you want to take a quiz about this subject.
  3. You use the Bjorn's Quiz Builder Studio web app or the Bjorn's Quiz Builder Docs add-on to design the quiz.
  4. You publish the quiz to the cloud.
  5. Viewers of the subject document installs the Bjorn's Quiz Taker add-on for Google Docs.
  6. When a viewer of the subject doc opens the Quiz Taker add-on, the add-on lists all published quizzes for the document in question.
  7. The viewer takes the quiz and submits it to the cloud.
  8. You receive an email notification as soon as there is a new submission.
  9. You can view all submissions using the web app Bjorn's Quiz Manager.
  10. The Quiz Manager allows you to export all submissions to a Google Sheet for further processing.

Quiz types

Two types of quizzes are supported, Form (shows all questions at the same time) and Quiz (shows one question at a time).

A quiz can be re-submittable or submitted only once per user.

You can configure a Quiz to check answers before letting users move to the next question.

Each question has an associated score, you will get the accumulated score reported for each submission.


You design quizzes as "quiz projects". These projects are stored safley in the Google cloud (using the Firestore database). When you are ready, you "publish" the quiz project to the cloud (also in the Firestore database). Published quizzes are accessible from within the Bjorn's Quiz Taker add-on when a user views your subject document. When a user submits a quiz, the submission is uploaded to the same cloud and you can access it via the Quiz Manager.


You can easily import questions from spreadsheet data. Here is a link to a sample Google Sheet on how you setup the columns and the rows.


Check out this short YouTube video.

Other platforms

Check out this other version for another platform.

Bjorn's Quiz Builder Studio - a web app


This add-on is in the TIER-1, a TIER-1 subscription costs $8.95 per month.

You can try the add-on for 7 days for free.

Note that a TIER-1 subscription covers all TIER-1 products.

There is a 5-user subscription with a great discount, $29.95 per month.

Use Bjorn's Account Manager to buy/manage your subscription.

Use your PayPal account to cancel your subscription.


Note - if you have installed the add-on and the add-on submenu only contains the 'Help' option - PLEASE RELOAD THE DOCUMENT - and the other options will appear.

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