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Bjorn's Quiz Decks Studio

Create Google Slides quizzes

With this app you create quizzes that are exported to Google Slides presentations.

A quiz consists of a set of questions.

Each question generates one slide.

Each question has a set of potential answers. These answers are presented as hyperlinked text boxes on the slide.

One or more answers should be marked correct and will take the user to the next question.

If there is only one answer, this answer is conidered "correct" and will take you to the next question, for example to be used on a welcome/intro slide, taking you to the first question when clicked.

Incorrect answers will take the user to a slide named "Failed" (default behavior, see below).

A question has two actions, Pass and Fail.

The Pass action defaults to "goto the next question".

The Fail action defaults to "goto the slide named Failed".

Each answer can override this behavior and define the question to go to.


These are all the possible Pass or Fail actions:

  • next - go to the next question
  • previous - go to the previous question
  • first - go to the first slide
  • last - go to the last slide
  • named question - go to the named question
  • url - a regular internet address, e.g.

Importing questions

You can author your questions in spreadsheets (Google Slides or CSV) and then import them into the app. See this sample Google Sheet for how to setup columns and rows.


Check out this short YouTube video of the Google Slides version.

Launch the app.

Don't forget to also look at the Google Slides version.