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Bjorn's eBOOK-maker, Bjorn's HELP-maker and Bjorn's MD-ebooks produce content (sets of HTML pages) published online (ebooks and help systems). This app makes it easy to track how theses pages perform.

Basic stats

  • Search phrases NOT finding any pages
  • Recently used search phrases
  • Popular pages
  • Popular search phrases
  • Pages with comments
  • Rated pages

Text analysis

This app allows you to seamlessly use the Google AutoML service to analyze the sentiment of each page. Google AutoML Natural Language is a natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to find insights and relationships in text.

Reader comments

Easily accept or reject comments submitted by your readers.


Create a report with all pages and their comments, ratings and text analysis results with a click of a button.

Reports can be saved as a HTML page to your local hard drive or uploaded as a Google Doc to yoru Gdrive.


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