Bjorn's SelfieCam

Create animated selfie GIFs

- a Google Docs extension -

An add-on for Google Docs and Google Slides.

Swiftly use your webcam and insert annotated selfies and selfie videos (GIF) into your docs and slides.

Use distortion effects to blue parts of video selfie.

Annotate the images with callouts and other shapes.

Use "effect reversal" shapes to create eye-catching selfies.


There is no dedicated video for this app (yet) but please check out the YouTube for the web app version.

Check out screenshots and install from the web store.

Other platforms

Check out these other versions for other platforms.

Bjorn's SelfieCam - a web app

Bjorn's SelfieCam - a Google Slides extension

Sig Pic Support

Use this app to design a sig pic. A sig pic (short for signature picture) is an image you can quickly insert into the Gmail new message window using the add-on Bjorn's Sig Pics.


Note - if you have installed the add-on and the add-on submenu only contains the 'Help' option - PLEASE RELOAD THE DOCUMENT - and the other options will appear.

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