Bjorn's Slides-in-3D

Turn your Google Slides into an interactive and animated 3D world

- a Google Slides extension -

Sorry, this app has been decommissioned.


Turn your Google Slide presentations into interactive and animated Web3D worlds.

Based on same platform as Bjorn's 3D-decks and shares many of the same functionality.

A 3D scene in generated for each slide. There are a vast set of scene types, e.g. Backboard, Pizza Box, Forest, Aquarium, Dominoes, Ice Rink.

Typically you assign the first slide a 3D scene that shows an overview of the deck. There are a number of overview scene types, e.g. Forest and Gallery.

You can save the 3D project to your Gdrive between sessions. The project is automatically opened if it exists when you start the add-on. You can also save and open the project to and from your local hard drive.

You publish a project so others can enjoy it, see Doorways.

Image versions of a 3D scene can be generated with single mouse click, you can save the generated images to Photos, Gdrive, local drive or inserted into the current slide.

The add-on offers numerous ways to customize the 3D scenes, for example you can play with large set of different animations and various light sources.

A few samples (click to enlarge)

Go here for more samples.


Short demo video


Publish to Bjorn's Doorways

You can publish your converted 3D deck as an eye-catching landing page to Bjorn's Doorways with the click of a button.

Use this landing page as a portal or doorway to your presentation.

Bjorn's Doorways

Interactive 3D landing pages for your online content.

Bjorn's Doorways is a web app for viewing and interacting with 3D art - art created with assorted Bjorn's Playground apps and add-ons.

The main purpose of Doorways is to act as a portal (landing page) for online content (e.g. presentations / Google Slide decks).

The user can zoom in, rotate and interact with your 3D art before clicking the optional link that will take him or her to the final destination (e.g. your slideshow).

Hint: in the sample below, you can zoom the camera with SHIFT+mousewheel.


Check out this short YouTube video.

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This Google Slides add-on can be used FREE of charge.


Note - if you have installed the add-on and the add-on submenu only contains the 'Help' option - PLEASE RELOAD THE DOCUMENT - and the other options will appear.

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