Bjorn's Doorways

Interactive 3D landing page for your online content

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Bjorn's Doorways

Interactive 3D landing pages for your online content.

Bjorn's Doorways is a web app for viewing and interacting with 3D art - art created with assorted Bjorn's Playground apps and add-ons.

The main purpose of Doorways is to act as a portal (landing page) for online content (e.g. presentations / Google Slide decks).

The user can zoom in, rotate and interact with your 3D art before clicking the optional link that will take him or her to the final destination (e.g. your slideshow).

Hint: in the sample below, you can zoom the camera with SHIFT+mousewheel.


Here are all apps and add-ons that can publish 3D art to Doorways.

Bjorn's pic-CUBES - a web app

Have fun with pictures wrapped around cubes

Bjorn's photo-RAIN - a web app

Have fun with raining (and other) photo effects

Bjorn's 3D Word Clouds - a web app

Create 3D word clouds (video, PNG, GIF or Doorways art)

Bjorn's 3D Diagrams - a web app

Create 3D organization charts (and other tree diagrams)

Bjorn's 3D Galleries - a web app

Turn your Google Photos into animated and interactive Web3D worlds


Bjorn's Doorways and Google Docs "quick links"

When you publish a piece of art to Bjorn's Doorways you can supply a link that will take the user from the published art to whatever document you pick. For example, when you create a slide-CUBE for a Google Slide deck you would provide a link that opens the slide deck in preview mode (or you could of course publish a PDF of the deck and point to that document instead - it is all up you you)

EditDocument is opened for edit (or view depending on how you shared the document)
PreviewDocument is opened for preview
Download PDFDocument is downloaded as PDFNot available for Forms
View PDFDoocument is viewed as a PDFNot available for Drawings, Presentations and Forms
TemplateDocument is as a template the user can create a new doc fromNot available for Forms
CopyUse is prompted to copy the documentNot available for Forms
Copy, with commentsUse is prompted to copy the documentNot available for Forms

Preview links

Note, some of these link type descriptions borrowed from here.

Publishing what’s created in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Drawings as a Preview link presents the document without menu bars and buttons. A Preview link declutters the web page, which emphases your content over the tool you used to create it. In fact, your audience may not know you created the document in G Suite.

Preview links are good for newsletters, flyers, and instructional materials. It's also great for when you want to present a Google Slides presentation full screen. A preview link shows slides in presentation view, and it keeps your browser tabs visible (making it easy to switch between the presentation and other webpages).

Template links

Share an easy-to-copy preview of your document.

A Template link presents a clutter-free version of your document. It also displays a Use Template button. Clicking this button makes a copy of the original document, and the copy is now fully owned by the user and placed in her Gdrive.

PDF links

For direct download of a PDF version of your document.

Have the web browser download a PDF version of your document with a PDF link. Instead of displaying the document in Google's viewer or app, a PDF is automatically downloaded when the link is clicked.

PDF view links

For viewing the PDF version inside the browser.

Have the web browser show the PDF version of your document.

Copy links

Force others to make a copy before viewing your document

Make a Copy links are good for when you have created a document in G Suite and want students to have their very own copy. Students can fill in blanks, finish a slideshow, label a drawing, annotate text, or complete some task in their own document (and then possibly share it back with the teacher). Sharing this way is also useful for sharing templates with other teachers. They can simply click to make their own copy and customize it without affecting your original.

Copy with comments links

Force others to make a copy that includes comments from the original before viewing your document

This link works just like the regular Make a Copy link, but it also copies any comments from the original document into the copy. This can be handy if there are comments you want viewers to see and possibly reply to. Comments may include additional information, instructions, checklists, and hyperlinks.



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