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Calling all developers, adding your app to the WAC is trivial, just point the WAC to your PWA url.

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An independent appstore for web apps.

Enables web app data sharing without installs.

On-demand sharing of data.

Users can easily find new exciting apps.

Developers can easily publish and manage apps.

100% driven by standard PWA manifests.

Social media

@webappcentral (FB)
@webappcentral (Insta)
@webappcentralgame (X/Twitter)

Sample screenshots

Go here for some sample screenshots.

For end users

You can find new existing web apps by searching in many ways

  • Recently added apps
  • Recently updated apps
  • Search by keyword matching
  • Search by app category
  • Find apps with MS add-in support (Excel, Word, POwerpoint)
  • Find apps with Google add-in support (Sheets, Slides, Docs)
  • Find apps supporting host file system integration
  • Find apps supporting easy data sharing, e.g. "share with..."
  • Editor of WAP sharing manifest options

Not a developer?

You're not a dev? - you can skip the rest of this page :-)

For developers

The developer section of the WAC has some useful options for developers.

  • Manifest editor with built-in error checks
  • Create manifests from scratch
  • Edit existing manifests (open/save from file system)
  • Testing of reachability of urls in manifest
  • Testing of icon size matching, manifest vs real image size
  • Testing of shortcut implementations
  • Testing of share_target implementations
  • Warning on missing icons
  • Rescan apps after manifest changes
  • Check manifests for errors using built-in checker
  • Check manifests for errors using
  • Lists all apps by developer
  • Find apps with screenshots
  • Find apps with NO screenshots
  • Find apps listed in the different stores
  • Find apps NOT listed in an app store
  • Find apps with an about page
  • Find apps with NO about page
  • Find apps with file handlers
  • Find apps with NO file handlers

NEW! Oct 20 2023 - review scraping

App store review scraping now enabled. If you list your app with the WAC and adds app store links to the manifest, the WAC will now periodically scrape app stores for reviews and email you when a new review is found. Video below shows how to setup email notifications.

(short YT demo)

NEW! Sep 23 2023 - test all 'my apps'

If you managing a larger set of web apps, this new feature is for you, the "Check all my apps" feature allows a developer to quickly scan and check all registered apps with one button click. The checker scans all apps and reports on:

  • syntax (bad keywords, bad color codes and more)
  • url reachability (icons, screenshots, etc)
  • icon sizes vs specified icon sizes
  • and more...

(short YT demo)

NEW! Sep 15 2023 - built-in manifest testing and more

Sep 15 version includes:

  • Build-in manifest editor with real time checking
  • Manifest checker including url reachability and icon size mismatches
  • File system integration, open and save manifest files
  • Shortcut tester UI

(short YT demo of manifest editor)

NEW! Sep 6 2023 - share_target testing

Sep 6 2023. New release enabling developers to test their implementations of the "share_target" api. See this YT for a quick demo.

Manifest extensions

The WAC supports a few extensions to the PWA manifest format.

Extension Info
wac_developer_ids A way to connect a PWA manifest to a developer email. An array of Bjorn's Playground user ids that can claim this app. You can find your user id in the developer tools section of the Web App Central UX -$Tab=0

If you developer id is listed in the manifest, the "my apps" section of the developer is populated with all apps with your developer id.

wac_readmore_url An url to an about page, e.g.
wac_gallery_url An url to an page with app screenshots, e.g.
wac_appstores Urls to your appstore pages for your app. The urls enable links in the Central to the add-in versions.
    google: "url to to the Google appstore page",
    microsoft: "url to the Microsoft appstore page",
    meta: "url to to the Meta appstore page",
    apple: "url to to the Apple appstore page",
wac_addin_versions Urls to your pages for potential add-in versions of the app. The urls enable links in the Central to the add-in versions.
    gslides: "an url",
    gdocs: "an url",
    gsheets: "an url",
    gsuite: "an url",
    mspowerpoint: "an url",
    msexcel: "an url",
    msword? "an url",
wac_share_targets An array of share targets. The WAC enables data sharing between web apps without users having to install apps. See the Web App Picker for more info.
        name: "The name of the sharing action, e.g. 'Create a word cloud'",
        description: "A short description of the action",
        icons: [ "array of icon definitions" ]
        action_url: "url to app in share mode"
        action_name: "an internal name of the share action"
        accepts_via_postmessage: [ "array of mime types, e.g. image/png image/jpeg" ],
        accepts_via_param:[ "array of mime types, e.g. text/plain text/csv"]



Check out this short YouTube video.

Launch the app.

File system integration

The app is (when installed) integrated with the host file system, i.e. you can use the 'Open with' feature to launch the app for a selected file.

Extensions that can be opened are:

  • .json
  • .manifest

Note that you have to install the app to enable file system integration.


This web app can be used FREE of charge.


Please report bugs here or reach out 2 me with questions @

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