Bjorn's Word Clouds

Quickly create word clouds, even animated GIFs

- an Android app -

Sorry, this app has been decommissioned.


Create and quickly share amazing animated word clouds (even as animated GIFs).

Supports various image types - packed circles, tree maps or clouds.

July 25 2023 - new version

On customer request you can now override project settings for each phrase(word) with a custom setting for Color, Bold and Italic. Check out the new columns in the Data tab.

With the new Color override you can for example color each "positive" phrase with a green color and each "negative" phrase with a red color.

Data import is also updated to support three new optional columns: Color, Bold and Italic.

Note that the colors sidebar has a new option to allow you to quickly assign a color to each selected word in the Data tab.

July 12 2023 - new version

You can now send a generated word cloud image to the Bjorn's Annotate web app for easy annotations.

Try it! Export image and in the export UX there will be a new option Annotate with the Bjorn's Annotate app. This will open the image in the Annotate app and you can for example add callouts, arrows and text.

You can see this in action in this YT video.

June 21 2023 - new version

Version 3.15 supports templates. A template specifies the look of a cloud but no data. You an apply a template when you create a new project or later. You can save any project as a template for future use. Templates are stored on your local hard drive with the .wordcloudt extension. This short YT video shows how to apply a template as well as how to create a new template.

Note that the version for Google add-ons do not support templates since Google is not supporting the modern File API for any add-ons.

June 9 2023 - new version

Word Clouds now supports background images to add a little touch to the clouds. By default the background images are displayed in gray and low opacity to not clutter the cloud (this can of course be easily changed). This version also enables AI generated background images, as seen in this short YouTube video.


Below is a sample animated cloud, animating on frequency, each frame shows words with the same frequency.

This cloud animates each word, from low to high frequency.


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This Android app can be used FREE of charge.


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