March 4 2021

The "Jack-in-the-box" scene style in Bjorn's 3D-decks

What has a burger to do with slide decks in Bjorn's 3D-decks? Nothing of course ;-) But a new 3D scene effect called "jack-in-the-box" was recently added.

The regular 3D slide is hidden by a box and then the box is slowly removed to reveal the slide, you can see it for yourself in the video below.

You can use the slide itself or custom images for the outer box. When using the slide itself you can control what to keep, one common setup is to remove the body text from the outer box and just show the title and perhaps an image.

The second part of the video shows an outer box using custom images.

You can of course control the animation of both the outer box and the inner slide. The third part of the video shows the inner slide rotating around the Y axis. In the first two examples, the inner slide is using the wobble and "scale up" effects.




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