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Bjorn's 3D-decks kickstart campaign

So you are interested in 3D-decks and might help kickstart a new software company? Awesome! (go straight to the sign-up form)

Bjorn’s 3D-decks — Making Presentations Way Better and Cooler Using Animated 3D.

Bjorn’s 3D-decks is an online app that helps even novices create amazing, eye-catching, and interactive animated 3D presentations with the ease of PowerPoint/Google Slides. Using this 3D presentation software, users can interact with the decks in new ways — zoom in and out of details, rotate to see things from other angles, and also cram more information onto a slide.

Mix and match

I suppose it's really worth mentioning, it's not all about 3D. You can of course mix and match, you can do all 2D, all 3D or some slides in 3D and some in 2D.

Sample features:

  • Say Goodbye to A Linear List of Slides. The Tree structure allows each slide to have any number of child aka sub-slides A “TOC placeholder” slide is automatically added showing a preview of these child slides The Tree structure is “invisible” in presentation mode, slides are shown in the depth-first sequence
  • Three Different Scenes in the Final Presentation. The (optionally animated) 3D scene is the first display by default followed by the 2D full-screen version, and the TOC scene.
  • Multiple 3D Scene Types for the TOCs and Multiple Animation Effects
  • 3D-decks Automatically Converts a List/Table in the 2D Slide to a 3D Shape in the 3D Scene

Please meet the "Dancing Slides" scene style, a sample scene. (more samples)




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