Bjorn's Bucket Ball Toss Studio

Create and publish 3D bucket ball toss games

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Design and publish your own custom 3D bucket ball toss games!

(more videos on YouTube)


Fire up your creative side and design your own custom 3D bucket ball toss game. Runs in any modern browser supporting the WebGL standard.

Add your custom advertisement billboards, publish your game to the cloud and start to collect Likes and Clicks.

A game consists of a board, a launcher (cannon), ball cubby, advertisement billboards, obstacles and targets.

The launcher can be rotated left, right, up and down. To hit the different targets the player rotates the launcher and increases or decreases the "launch force".

There are six kinds of targets. Each target is attached a point value. A target dissapears when hit by a ball.

  • bucket, attached to the board and tilts with it.
  • floating bucket, can be placed anywhere in the space above the board.
  • box, as with the floating bucket, can be placed anywhere.
  • sphere, similar to the box.
  • image, a custom image, e.g. your logo
  • text box, a custom message.

An "obstacle" interfers with a fired ball, making it change speed and direction. You can create sofisticated games with targets hidden behind obstacles, the player needs to figure out how to bounce the ball to hit the target.

There are four kinds of obstacles:

  • box
  • sphere
  • image
  • text box

The ball cubby and the billboards also acts as obstacles.

The ball cubby holds the balls not yet fired. You can choose to enable "unlimited balls", causing the ball cubby to be hidden.

The game ends when all balls are fired or when all targets hit.

All objects are of course fully configurable - size, rotation, position, color and texture.

Add your logo to the game design and use published games as promotional material?

A few samples

Go here for more samples.

Keyboard shortcuts

Capture imageCTRL-F1
Decrease force with -1PAGE DOWN
Decrease force with -10SHIFT-PAGE DOWN
Decrease force with -15CTRL-SHIFT-PAGE DOWN
Decrease force with -5CTRL-PAGE DOWN
Increase force with 1PAGE UP
Increase force with 10SHIFT-PAGE UP
Increase force with 15CTRL-SHIFT-PAGE UP
Increase force with 5CTRL-PAGE UP
Pause animationsF4
Pause animationsSHIFT-PAUSE/BREAK
Pause camera animationsALT-PAUSE/BREAK
Rotate down 1DOWN ARROW
Rotate down 10SHIFT-DOWN ARROW
Rotate down 5CTRL-DOWN ARROW
Rotate left 1LEFT ARROW
Rotate left 10SHIFT-LEFT ARROW
Rotate left 5CTRL-LEFT ARROW
Rotate right 1RIGHT ARROW
Rotate right 10SHIFT-RIGHT ARROW
Rotate right 5CTRL-RIGHT ARROW
Rotate up 1UP ARROW
Rotate up 10SHIFT-UP ARROW
Rotate up 5CTRL-UP ARROW


Check out this short YouTube video.

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