Bjorn's 3D Diagrams

Create 3D organization charts (and other tree diagrams)

- a web app -

Launch app.

Create eye-catching 3D org charts and other tree diagrams.

Add animations to create eye catching videos. Export as PNG, WEBM (video) or GIF. Publish to Bjorn's Doorways to create unique portal to your presentation, blog or website.


You can export a chart to video, GIF or PNG. To insert a video into a document, first create the video and then upload the video to your Gdrive and finally insert the video into the document.

Publish to Bjorn's Doorways

You can publish your diagram as an eye-catching landing page to Bjorn's Doorways with the click of a button.

For example use this landing page as a portal or doorway to your company web site.

Bjorn's Doorways

Interactive 3D landing pages for your online content.

Bjorn's Doorways is a web app for viewing and interacting with 3D art - art created with assorted Bjorn's Playground apps and add-ons.

The main purpose of Doorways is to act as a portal (landing page) for online content (e.g. presentations / Google Slide decks).

The user can zoom in, rotate and interact with your 3D art before clicking the optional link that will take him or her to the final destination (e.g. your slideshow).

Hint: in the sample below, you can zoom the camera with SHIFT+mousewheel.


Here is a sample using two text elements per node, Title and Subtitle.


Another sample using just one text element per node


And a sample using images:


A video with an animated tree:


Check out this short YouTube video.

Check out screenshots and install from the Microsoft web store.

Launch the app.

File system integration

The app is (when installed) integrated with the host file system, i.e. you can use the 'Open with' feature to launch the app for a selected file.

Extensions that can be opened are:

  • .diagrams3dproj
  • .diagrams3dt

Note that you have to install the app to enable file system integration.

See also

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This app is in the TIER-1, a TIER-1 subscription costs $8.95 per month.

You can try the app for 7 days for free.

Note that a TIER-1 subscription covers all TIER-1 products.

There is a 5-user subscription with a great discount, $29.95 per month.

Use Bjorn's Account Manager to buy/manage your subscription.

Use your PayPal account to cancel your subscription.


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