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The idea

Bjorn's Playbooks is a 3D design studio for sports playbooks - you as a coach design animated playbooks using 3D scenes. You and your viewers(players) can rotate and zoom the 3D scenes to view and study the plays from different angles.

Seeing is believing

Interactive and animated 3D playbooks, ideal for visual learners - seeing is believing.

Some usecases

  • making/planning training sessions
  • developing drills (passing sequences)
  • how to defend in the final third-middle third-attacking third
  • set pieces execution/planning
  • pre-game visuals
  • tactical defending and attacking
  • defending in a 3-5-2 vs a team playing a 4-4-2
  • how would each players responsibility look like and as a team

A hypothesis

To further help with learning you as coach can upload your rosters and include player pictures. Any play can be displayed with or without player pictures. A hypothesis is that seeing themselves as part of the play, players can more easily learn and understand the play.


You design a play using scenes. A scene defines the positions of all players and the ball as well as info on any ejected players. Each scene has description that is shown to the viewer.

A play consists of at least two scenes. The app will compute an animation showing how players and the ball moves when the play forwards from one scene to the next.


When you are done designing, you publish it to make it viewable by others. Published plays are viewed by others using the Viewer app (see below).

You can create clubs with teams and members. When a member signs in with the Viewer, he or she can quickly access published plays.

The app can notify (via email) team members when a new play is published.

Future versions will allow viewers to comment on published plays.

Two mini samples



Initially Bjorn's Playbooks supports:

  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Water polo

The Viewer

Bjorn's Playbook Viewer is a web app to view plays designed with Bjorn's Playbooks.

The viewer allows you to interact with the play by:

  • Rotating the field
  • Zoom field in and out
  • Pause animation
  • Restart animation
  • Screen capture

Image gallery

Go here for some screenshots.


Check out this short YouTube video.

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